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Invite Hitesh to speak at your event for a thrilling motivational time! Known for delivering high-energy, high-volume, and high-audience participation presentations, Hitesh is one of the most sought-after motivational speakers in Singapore. He has delivered keynotes at Microsoft, TATA Steel, Prudential, Great Eastern, Buhler, and Deutsche Bank. Author of the best-selling book “Better Than Normal” he speaks passionately to his audiences about achieving success and living a good, meaningful life.

Though there are number of inspirational speakers in Singapore, still Hitesh is unique among them all. He has developed his own style of motivating others through a well-documented speech. Hitesh is hilarious and always leaves his audiences amped up and ready to get to work. He uses short stories, everyday life experiences to inspire his audiences.

Hitesh is followed in more than 32 countries of the world. His high energy & heart touching presentation style keeps his audience spellbound and overwhelmed.  A keynote speaker he has attended various seminars, conventions, events, and conferences. You can schedule the event of Hitesh to inspire your employees. He regularly conducts seminars and events across parts of India. His dynamic style and entertaining session are usually targeted at the youth and meant to inspire and motivate them.

By attending the event of Hitesh one can learn about how to be successful in life. His speeches boost confidence which is essential for attaining success in life. His approach to problems is different and he speaks from his own experience which is very refreshing. His end goal is to empower the audience and instill a power of self-confidence so that they can go forward and help others make positive changes in their own lives.

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