Last week I was super excited when I bumped into this champion Ranveer Allahbadia at Mumbai

This champ once lost his confidence to a degree

This champ was once indulged in drugs and alcohol

This champ earlier was once facing depression

But guess what?

He fought his challenges and got back up like a true champion!

Today Ranveer runs the biggest and the best personal development podcast in India called,

In this podcast, Ranveer has interviewed and documented the stories of megastars like Arnold
Schwarzengger, John Abraham, Nas Daily & Sadhguru.

Even I am hoping that eventually, Ranveer Allahbadia will invite me for a podcast interview too.

But jokes aside,

The point I want to make is

Ranveer was once failing in college but is now running multiple start-ups

Ranveer was once addicted to alcohol but is now a very popular fitness coach

Ranveer was once depressed but is now running the biggest personal development podcast in India
and is inspiring millions of life.

Ranveer has a following of more than 5 million people on social media.

If Ranveer can crush his challenges and become the best version of himself then what is stopping