3 reasons to hire Hitesh R as your keynote speaker?

Hitesh Ramchandani is one of the best global keynote speakers. He has done more than 400 keynotes and motivational sessions around the world.

Hitesh’s keynotes are not only motivational but funny, entertaining, and super engaging as he plays games and activities to get the full attention of his audiences.

Hitesh shares personal motivational life examples and stories on how he used willpower, resilience, and mental toughness to overcome the problems he faced in his life due to his physical disability.

Lastly in the keynotes, Hitesh evaluates case studies of other successful individuals and organizations to show you the success formulas they used to create a better life for
themselves or their organization!


This keynote topic is best suited for: C-Suite Leaders, Senior Managers, Aspiring Leaders & Entrepreneurs.

What will you learn:

  • Steps to create a winning culture in your organization.
  • Eliminating gossip and politics in your organization.
  • Examining evolving models and trends of Leadership.
  • Understanding the psychology behind Resilience.
  • Despite having Cerebral-Palsy Hitesh R manages 50+ employees in the Better Than Normal organization.


This keynote topic is best suited for: Financial Service Agents, Real Estate Agents, Pharma Sales representatives, Sales Engineers or any other Sales Related Profession.

What will you learn:

  • Mind hacks to be self-motivated.
  • Psychological strategies to increase sales rate.
  • Building trust with customers and prospects.
  • The art of handling rejections.

3. Diversity Equity & Inclusion

This keynote topic is best suited for: DEI Leaders, HR Leaders, and Talent Acquisition Leaders. Organizations striving to inculcate DEI in their culture.

What will you learn:

  • Rethinking the DEI Value Proposition.
  • Embracing Diversity Equity & Inclusion at workplace.
  • Learning how to leverage DE&I as a Catalyst for Productivity & Profits.
  • Exploring Unconscious Biases which lead to our DE&I decision-making process.
  • The importance of global companies needing to have a diverse mindset when they are operating in a diverse environment.
  • The misunderstood meaning of “Privilege” from Hitesh’s perspective being born with erebral Palsy.

Hitesh’s Speaker Promise

Leadership Speaker India

  1. To genuinely engage, entertain and energize your audience to your desired shift in attitude.
  2. To customize and personalize every speech to suit your audience and event theme.
  3. To deliver current and relevant content using personal stories, case studies and stimulative games that actively involves everyone in your audience.

Why wait more? Hire Hitesh now!