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Hitesh Ramchandani is a Global Keynote Speaker who has inspired and won the hearts of more than 7.5 million people. He has done 350 blockbuster keynotes in more than 15 countries.

Meet Hitesh - Paralympic Football Medalist

Trusted by thousands of clients, around the world, to inspire, entertain and educate. Inspire your team to crush challenges and help your organization create a champion culture.

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Motivate your sales force to hit their sales target and learn to deliver current and relevant content using personal stories, case studies and stimulative games that actively involve everyone in your audience.
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Who is Hitesh?

Hitesh Ramchandani is a Global Keynote Speaker who has inspired and won the hearts of more than 7.5 Million people. He is a Singapore Paralympic Football Team Medalist and the author of the book “Better Than Normal” which has sold more than 30,000 copies worldwide.

Hitesh has received the Asia Excellence Awards for being one of the Best Motivational Speaker’s in the world, in 2019 Hitesh was also recognized as a Top Global Diversity & Inclusion Leader. 

Hitesh is the founder of the biggest Physiotherapy Clinic in Asia – BTN Physio Hub.

This hero is featured regularly on local and global TV, Radio and Magazines for his crazy mission to inspire 50 Million People by 2050!

What people are saying about Hitesh

Testimonaial 2

Hitesh was the highlight of our first virtual sales conference. His inspiring story, contagious energy and incisive sales approach left a remarkable impression on the whole team. It was a great way to end the day with positive thoughts and smiles on our faces.

Nathan Milliman

Director, Siemens-Energy


I was lucky to hear Hitesh speak about his attitude and approach to life, and he is just inspirational. His positive outlook, his sense of himself, his sense of humour, and his wish to connect and educate, to help people grow, is amazing.

If you have the chance to hear Hitesh speak, grab it with both hands. You won’t regret it.

Katherine Milton

Associate Director, Fidelity International

Testimonial 10

I recently had the pleasure of working with Hitesh on a virtual event for our employee in Asia. Hitesh was an incredibly motivating and captivating story teller that really moved our teams and inspired them in many ways. His drive, determination and spirit were extremely infectious and we all left the webinar contemplating our own careers and lives.

A wonderful speaker, Hitesh certainly is Better Than Normal.

Patrick Firkin

Event Manager, Bloomberg LP

Testimonial 11

Hitesh is a story of inspiration. As a speaker, he knows how to connect with his audience amazingly well. The feedback we received from his session at GSK was phenomenal.

Preet Grewal

Inclusion and Diversity Leader, Twitter

Testimonial 3

An inspirational speaker who has overcome all odds to chart his own success. Hitesh is as smart as he is an engaging speaker. He reminds us that we can be the best versions of ourselves if we want to be. He is indeed Better Than Normal!

Faith Ngeow

Director Talent Development, Herbalife

Testimonial 4

Hitesh is an inspirational and motivational speaker, a role model of engagement through building empathetic teams and relations. Highly recommend him.

Elena Chipalova

Director , Carrier

Testimonial 5

Hitesh is one of the great motivational speaker.  … it is absolutely fun and encouraging listening to his discussions and life experiences. He is talented and a dynamic speaker.

Jyoti Taneja

HR Business Partner, H&M

Testimonial 7

I saw Hitesh on SHRM2020, and was truly inspired by his journey, the hurdles that he overcome. He is an inspiration for all of us! he can inspire many others like me 🙂

Sulekha Pawar Yajnik

Associate Manager Talent Acquisition HR, Peak Infrastructure Management Services Pvt. Ltd. (A Brookfield Company)

Testimonial 8

Amazing Session with Hitesh R yesterday. Very inspiring. Specially in today’s situation where many feeling lack of inspiration/motivation. Hitesh’s Journey shows How can one be BETTER THAN NORMAL in toughest situations !! thanks a lot Hitesh for inspiring our teams. Cheers…

Hitesh Sehgal

Director, AB InBev

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Inspirational Videos of Hitesh 

Hitesh R fight against Cerebral Palsy

Hitesh was born with a severe disability called Cerebral Palsy.

Doctors claimed that Hitesh would never be able to walk, talk or live an independent life.

But today Hitesh is a Paralympic Footballer and one of the best global keynote speaker!

Hitesh has inspired more than 10 million lives and has done 500 keynotes around the world.

Teaser of Hitesh R Keynote

Hitesh has done 500 keynotes around the world.

These are Hitesh’s 3 main keynote topic:
1. Leadership and Resilience
2. Sales Motivation
3. Diversity and Inclusion

Hitesh’s keynotes are inspiring, entertaining and engaging as you can see from the teaser video.

Hitesh R inspirational movies

Hitesh R is also known for producing and directing short inspirational movies to inspire and motivate more lives around the world.

Hitesh is on a big mission to inspire 50 million people by 2050!