With a new year on the horizon, every marketer looks forward to coming up with a comprehensive marketing plan to achieve better than normal sales. The year 2019 will not be a usual year, especially for marketing professionals. This year will see the launch of many products and services. Some may be met with fame and success, while others may have to taste disappointment and failure. It’s a tricky spot but also is laden with opportunities.

Every now and then you can find a lot of marketing and sales speakers shouting out the trends for 2019. People are already trying to look ahead and understand the areas of great investment. The scenario seems challenging for a sales person who has to learn new techniques and refine old ones. The more you can plan ahead, the better equipped you feel to manage those changes when they happen. As we close out one year and begin yet another, it’s time to adopt three innovative ways to achieve better than normal sales in 2019.

Dream Big but Take Small Actions Daily

A person in sales and marketing must have a big dream that can inspire him to take necessary actions to accomplish the goals. Success begins by believing in yourself. Without being motivated, you will lack the key elements that are desired for achieving the target. So the very first step is believing in yourself.

Always assess your current situation and create an updated action plan. Also, analyze the past and pinpoint challenge areas and determine the next steps for improvement. This is necessary as you cannot leave things to chance. Make it a point to learn from your losses and repeat the things that have been successful in the past. Set realistic goals and ask the right questions to create your best and most actionable sales plan. This will help to set in motion your profit-boosting sales in place.

Embrace Technology and Build Content

To succeed in the dynamic world, it is wise to be friendly with changing technology. A smart business needs smarter technological use to serve the needs and demands of the time. Creating engaging content nowadays vital for gaining wider coverage. Mobile search, SMO, SEO – all have been changing and advancing content marketing for the past few years. Make use of social media platforms and create a more seamless experience across third-party apps. Use YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram’s live video services to reach out to wider audiences. Brands that are not ready to embrace a digital transformation, by 2019-20 will potentially fail to achieve the milestone.

Make Being Better Than Normal Your Identity!

Align yourself with values and beliefs and establish your identity. In 2019 as a salesperson one should try to get out of stereotype image. Bring behavioral change and try to be purposeful, responsible and accountable at the workplace. Adopt a new mindset and do not harbor hostile attitude towards criticism. Be open and receptive to emerge stronger out of the most difficult situations. Compliment yourself after each success to remain motivated all through the day. Be honest, direct and also helpful. Do not get carried away by sycophants. Always believe in yourself and have trust in your Better Than Normal identity. As Tony Robbins says, the biggest failure is success without fulfillment. Thus even if you hit all your sales targets for 2019, but you did it going against your values, principles and beliefs, you would feel like a failure.